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Enjoy one week access to seven unique fitness programs for only $9.99


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Unique fitness programs

We offer seven fitness programs which are designed to target a range of health indicators from cardio and calorie burning to defining and sculpting your core and legs. Whether you are new to exercise or a lifetime fitness achiever, we've got a fitness program tailored just for You!

Achieve your goals

Our experienced instructors are committed to helping students of all ages find success in achieving their health goals. Our instructors are passionate about helping each student build the confidence and energy that comes from a positive fitness routine.


Fitness can be one of the most powerful tools for self-improvement. The process of achieving a strong and healthy core has been shown to bring more confidence and motivation in to your daily life which can make it easier to set goals effectively and creatively solve problems.

Grow together

Be accountable as our small groups are driven to achieve results for themselves and peers! Along with this, we give individual attention to make sure you have proper posture and alignment in order to achieve incredible results!

Strong and Healthy Core

"This studio has the best fitness classes during the day for adults. TRX suspension workout is an amazing half hour workout that makes your whole body look and feel great! I can't emphasize how much I love the feeling I get after a workout!"
~Jan, student

A Confidence Booster

"I started Zumba classes about 3 months ago and I LOVE it! I look forward to it all week, honestly. I can honestly say I've become more confident in myself as a result of taking that class! If you're looking for a fun exercise class, Commotion fitness is for you!"
~Linda, student

An Invaluable Gift

"CoMMotion is such an awesome place to dance and get in shape! The staff is friendly and supportive and the instructors are amazing! About three years ago I started with Zumba once a week and now I'm there every day and am in the best shape of my life (wearing favorite clothes from over 10 years ago)! The trainers and instructors make it so fun that I look forward to my workouts."
~Diane, student

Introductory offer for new students

Enjoy one week access to seven unique fitness programs

…all for just $9.99

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